The science of birds, their ecology and conservation along the East Atlantic Flyway

Our current main collaborative project . . .
Migration strategy of Bluethroats Luscinia svecica namnetum. Stopover behaviour from breeding to wintering sites.


The main aim of this project is to analyse the migration strategy of  the 
Bluethroat L. s. namnetum  from  its  breeding  grounds  in  western France  to  its  wintering  sites  in  Portugal  and Morocco. Specific question to solve are:

• How does the Bluethroat  organize  its migration in relation the fuel management and  stopover  duration?  Is  there  a  stable  migration  pattern  along  the  route,  or  are  there changes in the migratory speed  along the route, detectable in changes in the stopover duration or the fuel deposition rate?

• Does the species gain fuel before migration at its breeding quarters?

• Does the species arrive in its wintering areas with extra fuel?

• Is  there  competition between  conspecifics  at  the  stopover  sites,  detectable  in difference  in  fuel  deposition  rate,  amount  of  fuel  gained,  or  stopover  duration between age or sex classes?

• Does the species minimize time, energy or predation risk during migration?


Target species: Bluethroat.

Locations: Atlantic coastal marshes in France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Sampling period: 15 Aug 30 Sep 2014

Sampling effort: daily trapping sessions, during a period of 4 h, starting at dawn.